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Our specialist children's equestrian centre in stratford upon Avon is a place where Children have the opportunity to learn all about horses. How to handle them, care for them, understand them and learn to ride them in a correct way. That's why we offer the oppertunity on the kids clubs for the children to be involved in the grooming, tacking up and caring of their pony before and after they ride.  We do also offer just the riding lesson without the horse managment side of it, so the choice is yours.

By teaching the children simple horsemanship concepts and
principles they become more aware of why ponies do what they
do and what makes them tick.This makes the ponies happy and keeps the children safe!

At Our Riding centre we strive to impact  a sense of independence and confidence, combined with a lot of fun, from the very beginning.

Come and see how 
we are different to the rest!
All of our lessons are run on a progressive system so you can be assured your child will progress with their riding skills and move up the levels of ability when they are ready. We monitor every child's progress closely at all times, all this is done behind the scenes. You may also find that each child develops at different paces. Some will develop initially very quickly and others might take longer. You may also find that they go through a period of staying at the same level. This is all normal every child is different and we accept each child will  learn at different paces and not to be compared to any other riders. Our main aim is to make each lesson fun and encouraging as this is when children learn at their best when they are relaxed and smiling they can absorb more information.
we pride ourselves on the constant praise we receive from our parents. Every lesson has a well structured lesson plan making sure each lesson is different and based around our progressive system.
We include training in all equestrian spheres in all our lessons inc showjumping, mounted games and dressage.
We have activities throughout every half term including own a pony days, badge days, CAMP which is very popular, one day events & two day pony care courses with certificates etc.
Riding is to be enjoyed.

Rossettes  & Trophys to be won on our special days

Special Trophies to be won


What does my child need to wear?


Suitable foot wear for riding in, wellys are allowed on first visit but not recommended for use all of the time due to safety. Suitable clothing for the weather. Hats can be borrowed on site. Hats can be borowed but we do recommend you buy one if continue to ride with us.


Do i stay with my child or leave them?


You are welcome to hang around for a while until you feel your child is comfortable and happy, but in general it is a kids club where they are to be dropped off and the parents enjoy their free time.


What happens if its raining?


Bring some waterproofs all activities will carry on as usual.


Is The centre insured and qualified instructors?


Yes, we are fully insured and an approved centre with qualified, friendly and experienced instructors.


Will the children ride out on the roads at any time?


NO all riding and handling of the children will be in our stable block, manage and paddocks.


Does my child need to have any experience to come along?


No none at all! All children will be put into small, suitable groups depending on age and experience if any.


My child has been riding for a few years now would this suit her?


Yes definitley, they can progress on to riding dressage tests, showjumping and little bit of xc and also learn everything about horses. From how they think to different tack, feeding, lunging, worming, the list goes on and on and on it really does!


I hope this has answered as many questions as possible please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. Look forward to meeting you soon.

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