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Our specialist children's equestrian centre in stratford upon Avon is a place where Children have the opportunity to learn all about horses. How to handle them, care for them, understand them and learn to ride them in a correct way. That's why we offer the oppertunity on the kids clubs for the children to be involved in the grooming, tacking up and caring of their pony before and after they ride.  We do also offer just the riding lesson without the horse managment side of it, so the choice is yours.

By teaching the children simple horsemanship concepts and
principles they become more aware of why ponies do what they
do and what makes them tick.This makes the ponies happy and keeps the children safe!

At Our Riding centre we strive to impact  a sense of independence and confidence, combined with a lot of fun, from the very beginning.

Come and see how 
we are different to the rest!
All of our lessons are run on a progressive system so you can be assured your child will progress with their riding skills and move up the levels of ability when they are ready. We monitor every child's progress closely at all times, all this is done behind the scenes. You may also find that each child develops at different paces. Some will develop initially very quickly and others might take longer. You may also find that they go through a period of staying at the same level. This is all normal every child is different and we accept each child will  learn at different paces and not to be compared to any other riders. Our main aim is to make each lesson fun and encouraging as this is when children learn at their best when they are relaxed and smiling they can absorb more information.
we pride ourselves on the constant praise we receive from our parents. Every lesson has a well structured lesson plan making sure each lesson is different and based around our progressive system.
We include training in all equestrian spheres in all our lessons inc showjumping, mounted games and dressage.
We have activities throughout every half term including own a pony days, badge days, CAMP which is very popular, one day events & two day pony care courses with certificates etc.
Riding is to be enjoyed.

Weekend Children’s lessons


9 am Advanced level 6

10am Beginner level 1

11 am level 2

12 pm level 3

1pm level 4

2pm level 5



9am Advanced level 6

10am Tots

10.30am Tots

11.15 level 1 Beginners 

12.15 level 2

1.15 level 3

2.15 level 4

3.15 level 5



We run two tot sessions on a Sunday morning 30 mins duration. These are fun lessons teaching them all the basic but correct skills . We also make sure all the tots can enjoy and join all the other activities we do as well .

Horseball Lessons

At least once a month we hold horseball lessons on a Friday evening. This is open to all levels and riders will be split into groups of ability  . Horseball is described as similar to netball and rugby but played on horseback, it is a fun and fantastic sport encouraging children to improve on all their riding skills , it improves coordination, agility gross motor skills, confidence and so much more. 2018 we went to our first horseball competition at Onley we came third in the novice championships and had a great day.

Polocross Lessons

We also run monthly polocross lessons, these lessons are for all abilities from the beginner to the experienced and also all ages. 2019 we will also be introducing polocross to adults and offering to people outside the centre on their own horses and ponies.

Mounted Games

We aim to include mounted games training into our week end lessons on a monthly basis. We believe children learn more whilst having competitive fun. We also believe like our other sports it improves the riders coordination, balance,agility , confidence and the relationship between horse and riders.

Monthly training and team training is also available March to October if this is something you would like to do more of.


Another fantastic sport we do plenty of at Featherbed Stables. We include basic jumping in our weekly lessons on a regular basis. We also hold monthly shows from March through to October these are for all levels and all ages from lead rein to the talented teenager. We also go out competing on a regular basis with the children that are capable . We also run equitation shows and compete with the Pony club in equitation. Equitation is a combination of dressage and jumping judged on style.

Rossettes  & Trophys to be won on our special days

Special Trophies to be won


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